What is Anxiety?

Did you ever have that pit-in-your-stomach feeling right before a big meeting or important test?  You probably have, because we all get anxious at times.  However, sometimes the anxiety starts to get out of control.  We start staying up later and later because our thoughts won’t slow down.  We start finding more and more to worry and be anxious about!  We even start getting anxious because we are anxious!

Anxiety really can become a debilitating vicious circle.  In our fast-paced, perfection-seeking culture, there never seems to be an end of things to be anxious about.  However, 
that does not mean we have to be stuck here.  Often, getting help in recognizing situational triggers is the first step in finding relief. Imagine not having to worry if you will get anxious again because you know what makes you anxious and can control the anxiety!

Sometimes, that is not enough, and that is ok, too!  For some people, it is normal to go through each day with a lot of anxiety.  Often, there are underlying perspectives, beliefs, and habits that can lead to anxiety.  Having a skilled counselor can reveal these underlying causes and assist in developing a new, non-anxious lifestyle.

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