What is Christian Counseling?

Way back before I started graduate school to be a counselor, when I first heard the term “Christian Counseling” I immediate pictured two people sitting in a room reading a Bible and praying.  I thought that was a Bible study and I wanted nothing to do with that.  If I wanted to lead a Bible study, I would do that instead of become a counselor.

I then graduated from graduate school and started working with Christian clients who valued their faith like I do.  Like any good counselor, I was open to sessions discussing religious beliefs because our beliefs shape our view of the world and our experiences.  I

started to notice that Christians who hold strongly to their beliefs benefitted immensely from discussing their faith.  I found that discussing Biblical principles and applying them to a client’s life in a direct, practical, and meaningful way was far more helpful than anything other way I could help them.  Then it hit me, this is what Christian Counseling looks like.

Seeing a Christian Counselor does not mean going to a pastor, a Bible study, or being forced to believe one way or another. It especially does not mean having religion forced upon you. It does mean receiving clinically appropriate mental health counseling from a person who uses Biblical principles combined with mental health care.  For those who want Christian counseling, some sessions will heavily involve discussing a Biblical principle, while some sessions may have little if any direct discussion of Biblical principles.

This flexibility allows me to meet each person where they are at that moment.  Sometimes it is helpful to discuss a Biblical principle.  Sometimes family dynamics or coping skills may be more helpful to discuss.  Sometimes, a person – especially if they are not a Christian – may never want to directly discuss a Biblical principle – and that is ok, too.

If you would like more information, or to schedule, please do not hesitate to contact me here.

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