Why Mountains?

I have been asked several times “Why do you have mountains on your website?  Couldn’t that look like a person’s problems are too big and unchanging – like a mountain?”.  Well, it could look like that, and I am sure many people feel that their problems are just like a mountain, but that doesn’t have to mean they have to stay that way.

I would like you to think with me for a moment.  How many steps does it take to get to

the top of the Himalayan mountains? Well, it just takes one step to get to the top.  You probably think I am joking with you, but bear with me.  It does take a lot of steps to get almost to the top of the mountain (I have no idea how many), and this process is long and difficult.  It is so difficult, some of the Himalayan people act as guides up the mountain and call themselves Sherpas. But after the long journey to next to the top of the mountain, it only takes that one final step to be on the top of the mountain.  The massive Himalayan mountains are climbed one step at a time, and often with help.

This is how I see the counseling relationship.  I have a lot of training and experience understanding how people and relationships work, and I am pretty good at helping others address their mountains.  However, your mountains are your mountains to climb and only you can climb them.  Like the Sheraps of the Himalayan mountains, I see my role as a counselor to help, guide, and provide support through your journey of conquering your mountains one step at a time.  This approach lets me stay focused on and work with each client to find the best path for them up their  mountain.

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