Labor Day

Today is Labor Day.  I always assumed labor day was a day to celebrate people working, which never really made sense to me.  This year, I decided to look up the origin of Labor Day, and found that it is actually a day to remember the work that we have completed (for more information, you can visit: https://www.dol.gov/general/laborday/history).

I think there is a lot of wisdom behind this holiday.  It is important to focus on our goals, and not look back to old ways that we have changed.  It is equally important to reflect back on our accomplishments.  Focusing one day, even one moment, at a time is an excellent way to make long-term, lasting progress.  One step at a time is also a good way to loose focus of just how much progress we have made.

Occasionally taking the time to look back on our accomplishments can provide a sense of accomplishment, self-worth, value, and satisfaction.  Reflecting back can also provide added motivation.  When we have made so much progress, why stop now?

I would like to challenge you to reflect on the work – personally and professionally – you have made over the past year and take satisfaction in those accomplishments.  What did you do well that you can keep doing well?  What didn’t you do well, and how can you improve in the next year?

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