It is often said that January 2nd is the busiest day in a gym, and by February 2nd, the gym returns to its usual level of activity.  People make New Year’s resolutions, show up to the gym, then the work begins.  It. is. work. It is difficult.  Life gets in the way.  1,001 excuses pop into our minds for why we should just give up.  And many do, and never reach their goals.

Having motivation – our “Why” – is incredibly important, but we also need perseverance.  We need the ability to keep going, especially when challenges arise.  I have been listening to several podcasts recently that hosted people doing incredibly challenging things: running a marathon, running 100+ miles in one event, etc.  Each of those successful people described moments of intense discomfort or pain, of despairing of ever finishing, of wanting to give up.  What makes these people great, though, is not that they didn’t have these thoughts – they are human and wanting to quit is pretty normal.  No, what makes them great is that despite these obstacles, they pushed through.

Sometimes, taking the obstacle as a new challenge, or as motivation to keep going can help.  Sometimes, taking the obstacle and breaking it down – literally one foot in front of the next even when painful or extremely difficult – can help.  Sometimes remembering the “Why” and intentionally choosing to keep going will help.

What ever your motivations are for what you do, challenges will arise.  Goals will become difficult to work towards, and life will want to get in the way.  Don’t let this discourage you.  Instead, get creative!  Find new ways to keep going towards your goals!  This is when perseverance is key as we continue to choose to live a live getting us closer to our goals.

There are only 3 months left in 2018!  Persevere in your goals for the year, and finish strong!

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