New Year, Same You?

I have heard “New Year, New You” thrown around a lot leading up to 2019.  This sounds like a good thing, right? Why not start the New Year off being a better person than you were last year?  But isn’t that part of our problem? We start the New Year off right, but over time our determination and follow through fail.

This happens for several reasons.  First, there is no “new year, new you”.  Unlike in Cinderella, when the clock strikes midnight nothing actually changes.  You are the exact same person you were one second earlier, with all of your goals, desires, and shortcomings.  Until we change our perspective and behavior, not much will change in the New Year.

I had the opportunity to talk with several gym owners about the New Year.  Most people don’t regularly attend the gym past the first week of January, with the more determined dropping out by the end of January.  In just 31 days, all of the dreams for the New Year die out. This is common, and I believe this is due to a lack of understanding about motivation.

Most people have an emotional-based view of motivation.  Motivation is often viewed as an emotional desire to reach a goal.  The difficulty people have with maintaining motivation over time is that our emotions change from day to day.  What we feel like doing one day, we don’t feel like doing the next.  A more effective approach to motivation is viewing motivation as the “Why” behind our goals.  You want to get in better shape this year? Great! What is your motivation? Better health? Be more attractive?  Be more active? Well, why are those things important to you? That just may be your “why”! Remembering that – your “why” – can help you maintain consistency in meeting your goals for 2019.

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Rob Magill


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