Life presents us with many choices: what job should I apply to? What job offer should I take? What car should I buy? Who should I date? Even what time should I get up in the morning?.

How is the time we get up a life choice? Many people – probably most people – live their lives focused on the day-to-day requirements. What does my boss, partner, children, etc. need from me today? What time do I have to be at ABC event? What time to I have to get up to go to work? But these are all reactive questions.

If we choose what time we want to get up in the morning – making sure we have plenty of time to start the day slowly,. focusing on getting ourselves right for the day, and being productive all before anyone else wakes up, we are choosing to be productive. Not only that, but we are proactively taking control of the day from the moment we wake up.

Imagine going into your day with that proactive mindset: When can I choose to meet with my coworkers? How will I get ahead of my workload today? How will I proactively give those around me what they need from me today before they even need to ask?

How would this mindset and approach change your day, or even your life? It is in these small choices and decisions that greatness is born. Be intentionally great today!

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