The Power of a Positive Perspective

maintaining a positive perspective

Jack was driving home from his car salesman job on a Friday. It was a great day so far! His boss offered to give him a raise. He was leaving at noon for an early weekend. Things couldn’t be better. That is, until he was rear-ended by Joe. Joe wasn’t paying attention. Oops! Jack’s and Joe’s cars will probably be totaled. A long weekend with his wife and children just turned into a mess of police, insurance companies, car rentals, and who knows what else! It is a complete disaster. Or is it? A positive perspective can help keep Jack on track for his great weekend!

How Can a Positive Perspective Help?

1) Look for Opportunities in Obstacles

Jack’s day isn’t going how he planned. His car is totaled. It looks like Joe’s truck is totaled, too. And both are going to need a new vehicle. If Jack only focuses on his car, he might miss the chance to sell Joe a new vehicle. Even the most challenging circumstances can teach us something. That lesson can help move us forward in big ways.

2) Stay Focused on the Positives

We tend to move towards what we see or focus on. We see more and more negatives when that is what focus on. Eventually that is all we can see. On the other hand, our mood can stay generally positive when we focus on the positives. Sure, there will still be good and bad days. But the bad days wont seem as bad.

3) Recognize Struggles or Difficulties

What? You might be wondering how this fits with a positive perspective. No one benefits long term from denying difficult aspects of their life. We all want parts of our life to be different. Recognize those realities. Just don’t stay stuck focusing on what could be better. Instead, try #4.

4) Maintain a Positive Perspective with Realistic Expectations

I can be positive I can swim across the Atlantic right now. And I would positively be wrong. Don’t over-estimate the positives or the negatives. Simply look for what is there and try to see the positive side to it. It may be difficult. Almost impossible, even. But eventually some positive is going to emerge.

5) Develop a Plan

Ok, so life threw a curve ball. It happens. Recognize both the difficulties and the opportunities where you are at. Not develop a plan based on where you want to go. Not where you think you will go. Where you ideally want to be.

What does that look like? Where are you now? What is one step you can take to move you towards your goal? Then get started.

Jack’s Positive Perspective

So, Jack was in a car accident. It is his choice if he will take a positive perspective or a negative one. If he takes a positive perspective, he will see:

  • Car loan is paid off
  • Doesn’t actually need a replacement car
  • Will have to make a lifestyle adjustment without a car
  • Has less debt as a result
  • Can sell Joe a replacement vehicle
  • No one is injured

How can you use these skills today?

If life is getting you down, and you are having difficulty with a positive perspective, reach out! We can help you find the freedom to live the life you want!

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