SMART Goals for Success

Goals and their power

Jack and Jill were frustrated. They were stuck in life. They were corks in the ocean of life. Jack and Jill wanted to move forward. They needed to make several big decisions. They didn’t know how to talk to each other so they just stared across the room at each other. There weren’t any good options. Or so they thought. How could Jack and Jill move forward? Goals. They needed to work on some family goals.

So What Are Goals?

Goals are basically a vision for the future. Something you want. A lot. But they don’t stop there. A good goal involves specific and measurable endings. And steps to get there. Think S.M.A.R.T.:

  • Specific – Anyone reading the goal should know what you are aiming at. Imagine asking a 5 year old to do the goal. Would they know what you want? Will they do something else? I.e. “I will run in the ABC race next month.” Everyone will know which race because you were specific.
  • Measurable – There should be some way to know if you were successful or not. Generally, there should be a number in the goal. I.e. “I will increase my income by $250 a month.” It is easy to measure if you increased income by $250 or not.
  • Attainable – Is this something that you can complete. If you want to climb Mt. Everest but don’t have a passport, you might need to re-think your goals.
  • Realistic – Is this something you can realistically do. You might have to push yourself, but is it possible? Wanting to run a marathon next month when you haven’t ran in a decade probably isn’t realistic. Running a mile without stopping probably is realistic in a month.
  • Time sensitive – But a time limit on your goals. Too much time and you might loose motivation, too little time and the goal isn’t realistic. One week to one month can work for many goals. For bigger goals, 3 months should be enough time. If you need more than 3 months you should probably have a smaller goal.

So What Does This Look Like?

In 3 months, Jack will earn an additional $500 per month by working at a new job.

  • Specific – Jack will have a new job that earns another $500/month. This is specific. He will be in a new job. The pay will be at least $500 more than he is currently making
  • Measurable – He will be in one new job. He will be making at least $500 more per month
  • Attainable – This is something Jack has the ability to do
  • Realistic – It is possible to be working in a new job in 3 month if he works for it
  • Time sensitive – Jack has 3 months to make this happen

How To Make It Happen

Jack has smart goals set up. Now he needs a plan to make it happen. He should think about what he can do every day to move towards his goals. His decides to make is plan:

  • Apply for 1 job per day
  • Obtain an average of 1 interview per week
  • If he does not have 4 interviews scheduled by 4 weeks he will re-evaluate his application process
  • He will reach out for help in 45 days if he still doesn’t have an interview by then

Jack and Jill had several big decisions they had to make. Jack crated a plan on how to talk to his wife about their future plans. Together, they created a vision for what they wanted their life to look like. Then they made a S.M.A.R.T. goal and plan for the next three months of their life. They needed to put in a lot of hard work, but they were going to make their dream life a reality.

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