Anger Management???

anger management

Jack had enough. His wife was nit-picking again. So what if he didn’t take out the garbage at Half Past Dark this morning? She just needed to be patient. He was going to take it out in the evening. After he could unwind from his day at work. Let’s not even talk about the long hours his boss wants him to work. And the unending pile of work. That. just. gets. bigger. Its not like his income is getting bigger. But it seems like their bills are. And now the kids are screaming. Again. And there goes Jill, on and on about the trash. Jack had enough. And yelled at Jill. And threw the garbage can – full of trash – out the door. Garbage was everywhere. He couldn’t take it anymore. Jill suggested he needed anger management. Jack didn’t think he was angry. He just had too much going on.

But were they both right?

What Is Anger Management?

What is Anger?

Anger is simply an emotion. It is often a “surface” emotion. This means that sometimes there are emotions under the anger. And then stuff under those emotions. That “stuff” is what is leading to feeling angry. Like all emotions, anger tells us something is going on. But not what is going on.

Like Jack, we can become angry about a lot of small things at once. It can also be a result of one big thing.

Ok, So What Is Anger Management?

Anger management is often ridiculed. Walk away. Count to 10. Breath. Sure, that can help. Maybe. But done well, there is more to it. Such as:

  • Identifying what brings up the anger
  • Signs anger is increasing
  • Practical steps to interrupt this cycle
  • Each step is tailored to your specific situation
  • Skills to effectively communicate
  • Skills to reduce what makes you angry

So What?

The skills taught in an effective anger management program can also help:

  • Managing other emotions
  • Relationships improve overall
  • Manage addictions
  • Manage impulsive behavior
  • And more!

If your anger sometimes gets the better of you, we can help! We offer an email course, groups, and individual counseling to fit your specific needs!

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