Christmas 2019

Christmas gifts

Giving Christmas gifts is a wonderful tradition this time of year. It can be fun to think about what to get those around us for gifts. It is also fun to think about what we might get for a gift. Most of the time, though, we are only thinking about physical gifts.

Christmas Gifts Beyond Physical Presents

What if instead of limiting gifts to something someone might want, we also give a more intangible – but often more meaningful – gift (no, not gift cards). What if we look for ways to give of ourselves: spending extra time with family and friends. Mentoring the new guy at work. Helping your child learn something new? Watching the kids so your partner gets some time off?

Giving of yourself this Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. Or take a lot of time. Just find a way that you – as a person – can add value into the lives of those around you.

The Importance of Time

There is an increasing amount of research showing the importance of parents simply spending time with their children. And the impact when this doesn’t happen. Every situation is different, and sometimes there legitimately isn’t any more time available after working enough to pay the bills.

Instead of looking at the amount of time spent with children, why not look at the quality of time spent. How often do cell phones come out at home? How many times is there a legitimate emergency requiring the phone to be answered? Probably not that much. Why not spend 30 minutes a day with family uninterrupted by phones?

The Importance of Talking

When is the last time you weren’t sure what to do? Or someone in your life was really getting you angry and you needed another perspective? Talking to a trusted friend could help in either of these situations. But you talk to them because they have something to offer. A calm presence, wise advice, another perspective, or even confirmation you are doing well. How can you offer this to someone this Christmas?

What are some other ways that you can give of yourself this Christmas?

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