7 Tips for Great New Year Resolutions

New Year

We have all been there. Another year went by. We started off strong! Had a list of big goals we wanted to get done. And started working on them. But somewhere along the way, our New Year resolutions (or goals) fizzled out. The year became just another year. And we didn’t make near the progress we wanted to.

So, how can 2020 be different? Here are 7 tips to make sure you go far beyond your 2020 goals.

1. Review 2019

I know, we are talking about ways to make 2020 better, not beat ourselves up for 2019. Taking a moment to reflect objectively on how 2019 went can help us avoid the same mistakes, play to our strengths, and be even more effective. There are different methods you can use. One simple method is an after action review – asking yourself what you did and didn’t accomplish, what you did well and poorly, and how you can use that in the future.

2. Set a Motivating Vision for Beyond 2020

2020 will set you up for 2021, 2021 for 2022, and so on. So where you do want to be at the end of 2021? How can 2020 get you there? Create a long-term vision for yourself that goes far beyond 2020 as a guide for how you want 2020 to end.

3. Create SMART Goals for the New Year

Create Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Limited goals. This will help you know if you are actually making progress or not.

4. Re-assess Your Progress Throughout the New Year

A good time frame is every 3 months. Stop and look at the progress you made so far. Are you on track to still meet your 2020 goals? If not, what changes do you need to make?

5. Get Accountability

Get some people around you that want to you succeed. Check in with them regularly to help you stay on track.

6. Track Your Progress

Generally, if something isn’t measured it is forgotten about. Just think about those standards at work that no one talks about. You probably don’t remember what they are. But the ones you can get fired for you do. Use this same principle and track your progress daily. This can help you see the impact each day has for the New Year.

7. Celebrate the Wins in the New Year

Take time to celebrate when you hit a goal. Or make good progress towards it! Remembering these wins is encouraging and can help you keep going when you would other wise quit. Focus on the progress you are making!

Most major accomplishments happen over time – years or decades. Use these steps to focus on the next thing you can do to succeed in the New Year. If you need help, talk to a trusted friend, or even a counselor to help you remove the barriers to you being free in 2020!

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