Ownership – Taking Back Your Life

Ownership -the key to success

Jack was pissed. Vendors at work weren’t gonna deliver on time. Jill – his wife – was on his case for not getting a project done at home. And, on top of that, nothing. was. going. right. At all. Every where he was turning, someone was dropping the ball. He couldn’t take any more.

No one was taking responsibility for their end of the problem. Jack didn’t know what he could do.

But that was part of the problem. Jack wasn’t taking ownership for his side of the problem, either.

Extreme Ownership – How It Gets Us Un-Stuck

1. Focus On What We Can Control

Extreme ownership places a focus on what we can control. We can’t control if there is an accident on the way to work. We can control if we leave early enough, have alternate routes picked out just in case, or if we check the traffic before we leave for work.

2. Choose What Steps to Take

After recognizing what we can control, we then have a choice. What is the next step I can take to move forward? It doesn’t have to be a big step. Or seem important. Just find the next step forward to take.

3. Ownership Helps Us Choose How to Move Forward

We focus on what we can control. And the next steps to take. Now focus on how you will take those next steps. What is your plan to make the steps happen? What are we in control of that will let us meet those steps?

4. Ownership Helps Us Focus Less On Others

When we take ownership of what we can do, we no longer have to worry about what others do. They can take ownership for their own lives, too! As we do our part, they can do theirs. If they don’t want to, we don’t have to stress or worry about it. We are not taking ownership for them and their choices.

In fact, when things don’t go according to plan, we simply go back to Point 1 and start over.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to sort through what is in our control and what isn’t. Talking to a good friend or a professional can help us figure out what is in our control and how to move forward.

For more information about how to apply Extreme Ownership, watch this video:

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