15 Things About Love… Part 1


We all know what love is, right? But what does it mean to truly love someone?

There are a lot of opinions on what love really is. And what it looks like to truly love someone.

In this series, we look at 15 parts of what it means to love. You can find this list in 1 Corinthians 13.

1. Love Is Patient

Patience isn’t easy. Just run late to work, hit every red light, and run into construction. While going to a big meeting! You – like most people – will probably be out of patience pretty quickly. But this can happen in a relationship too. Often, the little, cute “quirks” of our partner find ways to grate on us. Especially when they keep making mistakes.

Instead of running out of patience, remember that you, also, have similar “quirks”. If you would like some patience and understanding given to you, why not show the same to your partner?

2. Love Is Kind

We can all think of ways to be kind. Helping someone with groceries. Visiting someone in the hospital. But what about not sharing how your partner snores obnoxiously. Every. Single. Night. Why share with anyone else your partner’s shortcomings? How is this being kind to your partner?

Instead, look for ways to build up your partner. Be encouraging! Look for ways to help just because… both big and small. Why not say a word of encouragement when they are having a rough day?

3. It Does Not Envy

When is the last time you wish you could do something better? Maybe as good as someone else? Maybe even as good as your partner? It could be anything: working on a budget, getting the fussy child to calm down or go to sleep, or cooking ability?

Instead of wishing you had their abilities, why not be glad that you don’t have to do everything? Your partner can take the lead in these areas, freeing you up to do what you do best! In this way, you as a couple can be an even stronger, more effective, more joyful couple.

4. Love Does Not Boast

Who doesn’t like to share good news? Most people do. And we should celebrate wins! But when we hold the good news over someone else – and what they can’t do as well – our win can become a hurtful put-down.

Instead, share your wins and how your partner contributed to the win. Thank them for their part! Look for ways to stay humble, and encourage your partner in their successes, too!

More to Follow!

Next week we will look at 4 more sides of love, how they can help your relationship, and what you can do to show love to others.

If you are finding it difficult to show love to your partner, or you feel that your relationship in on the rocks, there is hope! Reaching out to a trusted friend, pastor, or counselor can help to turn the relationship around!

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