15 Things About Love… Part 3


We all know what love is, right? But what does it mean to truly love someone?

There are a lot of opinions on what love really is. And what it looks like to truly love someone.

In this series, we look at 15 parts of what it means to love. You can find this list in 1 Corinthians 13.

1. Love Is Not Quick to Anger

Live with someone long enough, and they will eventually get you angry. It’s just gonna happen. And sometimes that anger is necessary. But most of the time it isn’t. How often do we only hear part of a sentence, become angry, and act in anger only to realize later we were wrong?

Love recognizes when the anger is building and chooses a helpful way forward. Sometimes it is leaving the room, or hearing the other person out. Sometimes it is calmly expressing the anger so the other person knows what is going on and why. Remember, love is also kind and gentle.

2. Love Does Not Keep Track of Wrongs

Like anger, if you live with someone long enough, they will eventually do something that offends or hurts you. They will probably do that a lot. Just like you will probably unintentionally do that to them, too.

Treating someone with love means not tracking every petty thing you can be offended at, every perceived sleight, or everything they do different than you. When we focus on these things, they become all we focus on and the relationship seems worse than it really is.

Instead, maintain boundaries for what is important and talk about boundary violations immediately. Find ways to let go of the small things that, in the big picture, probably aren’t all that important anyway.

3. Is Not Glad When Bad Happens, But Rejoices in Truth

When is the last time you were in an argument, knew you were 100% right, so let your partner do what they wanted to? You knew it would blow up on them, so why not let them learn? There was probably some satisfaction in them realizing you were right.

But the relationship overall is hurt by this. A relationship isn’t a competition. When one person wins, you both win. When one looses, you both loose.

Instead, take the extra time and effort to slow down. Help your partner understand why something is a bad idea and the impact it will have to you, them, and the relationship. Prevent the disaster from even happening. Be glad that you could pick up your partner and the relationship!


More to Follow!

Next week we will look at 3 more sides of love, how they can help your relationship, and what you can do to show love to others.


If you are finding it difficult to show love to your partner, or you feel that your relationship in on the rocks, there is hope! Reaching out to a trusted friend, pastor, or counselor can help to turn the relationship around!

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