15 Things About Love… Part 4


We all know what love is, right? But what does it mean to truly love someone?

There are a lot of opinions on what love really is. And what it looks like to truly love someone.

In this final blog in the series, we look at 4 parts of what it means to love. You can find this list in 1 Corinthians 13.

1. Love Protects

There are different ways love can protect. There is certainly physical. But also emotional, mental, financial – and more – ways that love protects. Acting in love means that we look for ways to prevent harm – in whatever form – from happening to our partner.

This is probably the hardest in an argument. They hurt you, so why not hurt them back? But that doesn’t really work, does it? Instead, look for ways to protect your partner – even in an argument. Watch how that can start to transform your relationship!

2. Love Trusts

Stay in a relationship long enough, and your partner is probably going to do something that hurts you. Not intentionally to hurt you. But it will probably hurt anyway. Because we are human. Sometimes we need to see certain things from them to rebuild the trust, and that is normal!

Instead of looking for ways your partner is messing up or damaging trust, try to find ways that your partner is trustworthy. This can be very difficult. Especially when there is a lot of hurt. But what is the alternative? Look for ways your partner keeps messing up?

3. Love Hopes

There is a saying that “The future determines the present”. As backwards as that sounds, when we have something to look forward to, that hope impacts the choices we make today.

Especially when life gets difficult, love looks towards the future: what do I want to see in this relationship? How can things get better? What can I do to help things get there? Instead of looking for things to be discouraged about, look for hope – even in the smallest positive change.

4. Love Perseveres

Life is difficult. So are relationships. When we love someone there is an emotional aspect. But there is also a commitment to the other person. That commitment – like any other commitment – is simply a choice. At its root, love is a choice to act well towards the other person and to maintain the relationship we have with them.

When the marriage gets difficult, remember the commitment you made to each other. How can you make choices today that will help you and your partner maintain the relationship you promised to maintain? It isn’t always easy, but sticking through the difficult times will result in an even stronger, more fulfilling relationship!


If you are finding it difficult to show love to your partner, or you feel that your relationship in on the rocks, there is hope! Reaching out to a trusted friend, pastor, or counselor can help to turn the relationship around!

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