Remove Roadblocks From Your Life- Part 1

Remove Roadblock

Jack was looking for work. He felt stuck. There were so many open jobs. He didn’t know where to look or what to do next. Jack was indecisive. Jack wanted to remove this roadblock of unemployment. But he lacked clarity and it was overwhelming him. He couldn’t choose. Jack needed focus.

3 Steps to Remove the Roadblock of Uncertainty

1.Remove Roadblocks by Knowing Your Big-Picture Goal.

I discuss this in-depth in this blog post in general. Specific to helping you remove roadblocks, vision can often be key. Think 5-10 years into the future. It should be unrealistically far out. So far that you have to guess or imagine. Good. Now your logical brain can’t come up with 1000 reasons why something can’t happen.

In an ideal world, what would that look like? And why is that important. If it helps, keep asking yourself “So what?” or “Why do I care about this?” until your answer really resonates with you. Once you do this, you should have a vague but emotionally motivating view of the future.

This is a guidepost for you to start working towards. It might seem overwhelming or impossible. That is why it is 5-10 years out there. You have plenty of time to not make the goal. And that is ok.

2. Remove Roadblocks by Considering Your Next Small Step

You don’t need everything figured out. In fact, you should’t have everything figured out. Especially if the goal is a decade away! Instead, just focus on the next small step you need to take to get you going in the right direction.

Back to Jack. He doesn’t need to figure out the job he is working at 10 years from now. But he does need to know the type of job and income goals he would like. He can narrow down the types of jobs he applies for based on these goals.

3. Remove Roadblocks by Making a Plan

Generally, SMART Goals are an excellent way to plan out next steps. In this context, the time constraint can still be 3 months. It might even be 1 month, week, or even tomorrow!

If you feel particularly stuck, remember that you don’t need everything figured out. Keep the goal specific, attainable, and realistic. Sometimes success isn’t a new behavior. Sometimes success is recovering from failure sooner. Eventually, those recoveries will become new behavior. But for now, just look for the next win.

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, it is ok to reach out for help! Talking to a trusted friend or professional can help!

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