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Jamie is struggling to focus on her work, has experienced some trouble with planning, and trouble coping with the stresses of work, which has affected her ability to maintain her employment. She feels like herself is to blame, feels bad about her ability to focus, and just wishes she could do better. She wants to make that change, but she just doesn’t seem to know how. Jamie also seems to have difficulty in getting the jobs she really wants and she has been experiencing pressure from her family to maintain a job. Jamie also has diabetes and has some difficulty in figuring out how to address that on the job. She wants to be able to tell her employers about her condition in case she experiences low blood sugar so others know how to respond.

Hi, I’m Cassandra, and I am passionate about helping people like Jamie take ownership over her life 
including providing her the skills to disclose her disability to employers. Additionally, I want to help 
empower people like Jamie believe that she can make the changes she wants, and tailor the steps to 
get there based on what suits her needs. From the first appointment, I work to create a trusting 
relationship with my clients and create goals by breaking them down into small and manageable 
steps. Together, I believe we can reach your potential, and you can reach further heights than you 
might be able to imagine.  

Currently, I provide individual and couples counseling. I also offer several groups
for vocational counseling for people with disabilities to learn skills and have conversations 
surrounding disability disclosure, how the current pandemic has affected the field of gaining 
employment, and the process in obtaining a meaningful job. 

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