Mental Health Counseling for Couples

Couple with good mental health

Jack and Jill were having a rough year. I mean, it was 2020, right? All of the stress from the lockdowns aside, they were struggling. Sure, financially. But also personally. And in their relationship. Jack was being short with Jill, he was very irritable, and wouldn’t stop worry about, well, everything! Jill started to feel overwhelmed, isolated, and down. She didn’t want to do anything anymore, and she rarely had a meaningful conversation with Jack. They were both struggling with their mental health, and that was impacting their relationship. They needed mental health counseling for couples.

How Does Mental Health Impact Couples?

Every relationship is made up of two people. The healthier each person is, the healthier the relationship can be. When someone in a relationship is struggling, the relationship can struggle.

Look at Jack and Jill. Jack’s anxiety was increasing the stress on Jill. This made the relationship less enjoyable and supportive for her. She felt disconnected from Jack. Add to that, Jill’s depression made Jill not want to go on any fun outings she and Jack used to love doing! It’s not really either of their faults. She was feeling especially disconnected from Jack. They are both struggling. And that struggle negatively impacted the relationship.

Like Jack and Jill, a relationship can get stuck until the mental health concerns are addressed.

What Can Help Jack and Jill?

It is important to maintain coping skills – things we like to do that help us deal with stress, feeling down, etc. – and keep in contact with supports – even if it is someone we can chat with about absolutely nothing at all!

Additionally, working through what is causing the anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns can be personally beneficial and it helps to remove another point of stress in the relationship. Sometimes friends can be enough, but sometimes a professional may be needed.

Also, couples counseling can be a great way to resolve any hiccups in a relationship, improve communication, and talk about the impact mental health is having on the relationship in a non-judgemental and supportive environment.

What Does Mental Health Counseling for Couples Look Like?

Mental health counseling for couples varies from couple to couple. Usually, there will be couples counseling that focuses on improving the relationship, and each person would have a counselor to help each person improve their mental health and / or work through the challenges they are facing due to their partner’s mental health concerns. This is a comprehensive approach that can show significant progress in a shorter amount of time than if only the couple or only one person was in counseling.

Back to Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill sought mental health counseling for their relationship. Jack learned how to let go of what he can’t control, how to focus on what he can control, and how to better communicate with his wife. Jill learned how to prioritize herself in healthy ways, better manage stress, stay connected with others, and better communicate with her husband. They went through a stressful time, but because they faced their struggles, they had a better relationship than they thought possible and were both happier than they had been in a long time.

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