Welcome Michael Carr

Michael Carr is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has helped people in a variety of settings. Some of these include: 12 years in parish ministry, 22 years in private counseling practice, and over three years with a large health care organization. Michael is passionate about helping people be free to be who God made them, regardless of their setting and struggles. He brings with him the unique skills needed to effectively help those in need for each setting he has worked in.

Why am I a therapist?

Michael has seen the struggles and difficulties people go through when they have experienced trauma or relationship difficulties. He is called to help people connect their faith and beliefs to their pain in practical and meaningful ways. He finds that his role of a therapist allows him to connect with people of all walks of life and help them be free to live the life they want, regardless of their beliefs, background, etc.

Can you help me?

Michael specializes in passionate about helping couples improve their relationship, and individuals to be free from the impacts of trauma. He finds clients often excel working with him through journal and expressive writing therapy. As a pastoral counselor, Michael makes room for individuals and families to embrace their own spiritually-based values throughout the counseling process. Michael sees himself as a temporary assistant of the Holy Spirit whose goal is to assist every person in becoming his/her/their own counselor and coach.

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