Anger Management

anger-free adult

Jack had a long day at work. His boss was on his case all day. No one he had to call was helpful. It was a train wreck.

When he got home, he realized he never took out the trash. As he started to reach for a new garbage bag, Jill – his wife – started to ask him about the trash.
That was about all Jack could take. He was angry. At his boss. His customers. Jill. Even himself. He started to yell. Jack didn’t really want to, but he was at his wits end. He didn’t know what else to do to get rid of the building anger. He needed help.

So, What is Anger?

Anger is just an emotion. Like any other emotion, we aren’t only angry. We are angry about… something. Unlike most other emotions, uncontrolled anger tends to destroy. Relationships, property, jobs, and friendships are all vulnerable to the effects of anger.

What is Anger Management?

  • Teaches warning signs that anger is building
  • Discover what brings up anger for you
  • Learn what the cycle of anger is
  • Develop practical skills to break your cycle of anger
  • Put these skills to the test at home and at work

How Can We Help with Anger Management?

We offer individual counseling, an email course, and an anger management group. These programs offer practical guidance, skills, and feedback to help you learn to manage your anger.

If you would like more information about how our counselors can help in your specific situation, contact us below, or call 717-219-5711: