Autism is a spectrum disorder.  Those with Autism can have challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication.  Autism is often diagnosed in early childhood and lasts well into adulthood.  However, with therapy, the effects of Autism can be reduced.  

So, What is Autism?

According to the DSM5:

  • Difficulties in social interaction and communication
    • Struggles with social and emotional reciprocity
    • Difficulty in non-verbal communication
    • Struggles with building and keeping relationships
  • Limited and repeating patterns of behavior
    • Repeating or bigger-than-normal behaviors
    • Insistence on routine/sameness
    • Hyper-focus on interests
    • Sensory overload – or ignoring sensory input

Symptoms start in early childhood to some degree, but may become more apparent as the person gets older.

What Can Help?

  • Individual therapy can help the child strengthen skills and process concerns
  • Family counseling can help the family learn ways to help the child – and also themselves – throughout each day
  • Life skills group – Groups provide a great way to learn social skills and life skills with the support of people with similar struggles

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