How to Forgive – 4 Tips


Jill was pissed at Jack. He never seemed to listen to her. And he screwed up. Again. Nothing relationship ending, but he knew better. This almost felt personal to Jill. She didn’t want to view Jack with this bitterness, but she didn’t know what to do. Jill wanted to move forward with their relationship, but to forgive him seemed… impossible. She could never forget Jack’s cutting remarks.

Jill didn’t think she could forgive and forget the hurt caused by Jack. But that isn’t what forgiveness is about.

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Anxious? 5 Tips to Help

Anxious or calm?

Jill was dealing with a lot. Kids were almost starting school, work was stressful. So was her marriage. She constantly felt anxious, but she didn’t want to. She wanted to feel calm and didn’t know where to start.

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After Action Review


Jack was feeling stuck in life. Last year was rough. He didn’t think he could change jobs. His relationship felt stagnant. He didn’t know where he could make changes in his life. He needed to review the past year, but didn’t know how.

Jack needed an After Action Review.

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7 Tips for Great New Year Resolutions

New Year

We have all been there. Another year went by. We started off strong! Had a list of big goals we wanted to get done. And started working on them. But somewhere along the way, our New Year resolutions (or goals) fizzled out. The year became just another year. And we didn’t make near the progress we wanted to.

So, how can 2020 be different? Here are 7 tips to make sure you go far beyond your 2020 goals.

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Christmas 2019

Christmas gifts

Giving Christmas gifts is a wonderful tradition this time of year. It can be fun to think about what to get those around us for gifts. It is also fun to think about what we might get for a gift. Most of the time, though, we are only thinking about physical gifts.

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Growing Up – 5 Myths

Growing up

Growing up – we all did that. Right? I mean, as adults we are generally not living with our parents. We have a job. We schedule and keep appointments. Even when we don’t always want to, we try to do what we need to. Ok, maybe sometimes we do. So isn’t this being “grown up”?

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ODD – What Is It?

Parent frustrated with ODD

ODD – or Oppositional Defiant Disorder – can be difficult, scary, and frustrating for parents to address. The DSM 5 (the handbook psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors use to diagnosis mental health concerns) defines ODD as:

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7 Tips to Help With Difficult Behavior

Child without difficult behavior

No parent dreams of having a child with difficult behavior. But sometimes that is what seems to happen. Here are 7 tips that parents can use to get through the challenging times. And help their kids get back on track.

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Anger Management???

anger management

Jack had enough. His wife was nit-picking again. So what if he didn’t take out the garbage at Half Past Dark this morning? She just needed to be patient. He was going to take it out in the evening. After he could unwind from his day at work. Let’s not even talk about the long hours his boss wants him to work. And the unending pile of work. That. just. gets. bigger. Its not like his income is getting bigger. But it seems like their bills are. And now the kids are screaming. Again. And there goes Jill, on and on about the trash. Jack had enough. And yelled at Jill. And threw the garbage can – full of trash – out the door. Garbage was everywhere. He couldn’t take it anymore. Jill suggested he needed anger management. Jack didn’t think he was angry. He just had too much going on.

But were they both right?

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SMART Goals for Success

Goals and their power

Jack and Jill were frustrated. They were stuck in life. They were corks in the ocean of life. Jack and Jill wanted to move forward. They needed to make several big decisions. They didn’t know how to talk to each other so they just stared across the room at each other. There weren’t any good options. Or so they thought. How could Jack and Jill move forward? Goals. They needed to work on some family goals.

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Fear – Is It Good or Bad?


Jack was excited! All of his hard work paid off and he finally got an interview. And then a job offer. He could have a better paying job with better hours. But it required more responsibility. He would manage a lot more people than he was used to. And his budget was a lot bigger, too. Fear set in. Of failing. Not being good enough. Being found out. The unknown. But he needed a better job. Just like this one. Why was he so afraid?

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Motivation – Why is it Important?

Our Why is motivation for the future

Jack was frustrated. He was looking for a new job. Nothing was sticking out to him. He didn’t know what direction to go next. He didn’t have a bad job. It just, well, was boring. So was his life. Jack didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. But he didn’t want what he had. He needed motivation. A “Why” for what he does.

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