Motivation – Why is it Important?

Our Why is motivation for the future

Jack was frustrated. He was looking for a new job. Nothing was sticking out to him. He didn’t know what direction to go next. He didn’t have a bad job. It just, well, was boring. So was his life. Jack didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. But he didn’t want what he had. He needed motivation. A “Why” for what he does.

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Couldn’t Be Anxiety, Could It?

man with anxiety

Jack was up at night again. Work was on his mind and he just couldn’t get rid of it. So he continued working on his project. At 3:00 AM. Again. Jack was exhausted. He didn’t sleep week all week, and it was Thursday. Or maybe Friday. He was starting to get pain in his neck. Again.

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Stress is Good! (No, Really!)

Breathing can get rid of stress.

Jill spent the entire day chasing her two year old around the house. And the yelling. For no reason. And the throwing thing. And…yeah. It was one of those days. Nothing seemed to go according to plan. Everything was 10 times harder than it should have been. And that evening she had a final test for a certification she needed for work. She thought she knew the material, but needed more time to review. Stressed? Yeah, Jill knew what stress was. But she also knew that she couldn’t let herself get overwhelmed. How could being stressed help her on her final?

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So, What Is Accountability?


Jack was trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Again. It was by far the hardest thing he had ever tried to do. He was 2 days in and thought he was doing well. He even had an accountability partner – Joe. But now he had to get gas. At his favorite gas station. They have his favorite cigarettes. And cheaper than anywhere else. Jack considers paying at the pump. He wouldn’t even need to go in. But he is doing good! And Joe has his back. Jack went into the store…

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The Power of a Positive Perspective

maintaining a positive perspective

Jack was driving home from his car salesman job on a Friday. It was a great day so far! His boss offered to give him a raise. He was leaving at noon for an early weekend. Things couldn’t be better. That is, until he was rear-ended by Joe. Joe wasn’t paying attention. Oops! Jack’s and Joe’s cars will probably be totaled. A long weekend with his wife and children just turned into a mess of police, insurance companies, car rentals, and who knows what else! It is a complete disaster. Or is it? A positive perspective can help keep Jack on track for his great weekend!

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Communicate Well With These 7 Tips

Happy couple that can communicate

We can all communicate. We talk all the time. With bosses or teachers, family, friends, etc. But communicating clearly and effectively is much more difficult. These 7 tips can help you communicate clearly.

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Improve Your Marriage With 9 Tips

improved marriage

Every relationship has some really great moments. Especially in the beginning. Why else would you keep dating them? Over time, the high points in the relationship can fade. Without being careful, the relationship can become boring. Routine. Even boring. It doesn’t have to stay boring! These 9 tips can help improve your marriage!

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10 Skills for Less Arguments

Couple disagreeing without an argument.

I don’t know of anyone that got into a relationship specifically to get into an argument. But sometimes relationships seem to end up in one argument after another. Here are 10 tips you can use to have fewer arguments.

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Do We Need Couples Therapy?

Results of couples counseling

“Jack” met “Jill”. Everything was great! Jack would spend his day at work, come home, and spend the whole evening with Jill. He loved her and enjoyed this time with Jill.

Jill felt the same way. She absolutely loved Jack! Jill loved spending every moment of her day with him – once he came home from work. She would call her friends and brag about Jack. Almost every day! But she stopped seeing her friends as much. They were just getting in the way of her time with Jack. Soon, the phone calls happened less and less.

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Why Did This Happen OR How Can I Be Successful?

Asking “Why?” or “Why did this happen?” is a component of the human experience, as we interact with the world around us. Yet when was the last time some of us stopped and asked ourselves the deeper questions: 

  • Why did I take this job?
  • Why did I marry her/him?
  • Or even Why didn’t I do this sooner?

But even more rarely do we ask ourselves why for something we are about to do. Knowing our “why” is critical to changing difficult situations. 

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The Dangerous Wolf Within

Help. This simple word is difficult for many individuals, an uncomfortable admission that we don’t have all of the answers and are not infallible. We feel embarrassed that we must rely on someone else, counter to the Lone Wolf persona that we, especially men, try to uphold. We can fix everything, and are effective in every situation, right? 

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