Why Did This Happen OR How Can I Be Successful?

Asking “Why?” or “Why did this happen?” is a component of the human experience, as we interact with the world around us. Yet when was the last time some of us stopped and asked ourselves the deeper questions: 

  • Why did I take this job?
  • Why did I marry her/him?
  • Or even Why didn’t I do this sooner?

But even more rarely do we ask ourselves why for something we are about to do. Knowing our “why” is critical to changing difficult situations. 

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The Dangerous Wolf Within

Help. This simple word is difficult for many individuals, an uncomfortable admission that we don’t have all of the answers and are not infallible. We feel embarrassed that we must rely on someone else, counter to the Lone Wolf persona that we, especially men, try to uphold. We can fix everything, and are effective in every situation, right? 

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