Conduct Disorder

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We all have rough days. Sometimes work is really difficult. Sometimes the kids won’t listen at all. End of the day, we just want to veg out. Managing rough days can be a challenge for adults. It is even more difficult for children. Children just don’t have the skills they need, yet. And this is a part of growing up. But sometimes one bad day turns into a bad week. A bad month. The behaviors get worse and don’t feel like “the terrible twos”.

What is Conduct Disorder?

According to the DSM5, Conduct Disorder needs at least three of these:

  • Bullies, threatens, or intimidates
  • Starts fights
  • Seriously hurt someone with a weapon
  • Has been cruel to people or animals
  • Robbed (i.e. taken directly from the victim / victim present)
  • Stolen (i.e. victim didn’t know)
  • Intentionally damaged another’s property
  • Broke into someone else’s house
  • “Cons” others
  • Violates curfews
  • Runs away
  • Avoids school
  • And more!
  • These behaviors are not better explained by something else (substance use, etc.)

What can Help?

  • Firm boundaries
  • Creating a loving and supportive environment
  • Individual, family, or group counseling

How Does Counseling Address Conduct Disorder?

Studies are showing counseling helps! Specifically, focusing on the disruptive behaviors and what causes them improves outcomes. In English, counseling helps improve the quality of life of a child. It also prevents conduct disorder from becoming something more serious. One study is showing that counseling someone with conduct disorder may prevent substance abuse or personality disorders in later life.

There is absolutely hope that a person with Conduct Disorder can rise above the current behaviors and live a content life!

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