Fix Your Relationship Men’s Group

A short story about Jack and Jill

“Jack” met “Jill”. Everything was great! Jack would spend his day at work, come home, and spend the whole evening with Jill. He loved her and enjoyed this time with Jill. Jack spent so much time with Jill that he spent almost no time with his friends. In fact, he started to loose contact with his friends.

Over time, he grew distant from Jill. One day, Jack and Jill were arguing – again. Jill told Jack to move out. And was serious. Jack realized that his relationship was failing and he lost his friends. He didn’t know what to do, or how to win Jill back.

Jack needed help. Jack could learn a lot from a men’s group focused on improving relationships.

Jack’s Struggles

  • Failing Relationship with his wife
  • Separated / looking at divorce
  • Lack of good support
  • Not sure what to do next

What would you do if you were Jack?

Relationship Men’s Group

  • Learn skills to improve your relationship
  • Learn skills to better yourself
  • Get support from other men who understand – they are going through the same thing!
  • Meets every Tuesday at 5:00 pm
  • Meets online via secure Zoom platform
  • Free, but registration is required