From Train Wreck to Dream Relationship Group

Jack and Jill were at it again. Yet another pointless argument over absolutely nothing. And they were both furious with each other. They both missed the early days of their relationship and wanted their relationship to work. But it was so difficult to trust each other, let alone have a meaningful conversation. At least not without arguing. Jack and Jill were struggling with:

  • Poor or no communication
  • A lack of trust
  • Constant fighting
  • Blame
  • Guilt
  • Wanting out

Jack and Jill needed help. They wanted better for themselves and didn’t know how to get there. They felt alone in their problems.

The possibilities:

  • Clear, effective communication
  • Reduced or no heated arguments
  • Enjoy time with your partner
  • Clearly express your needs
  • Trust your partner again
  • Be trusted again
  • Be confident in your relationship

What we offer:

  • 8 Weekly Groups for Men
  • 8 Weekly Groups for Women
  • Support and feedback from other men / women in similar situations to you
  • Education, support, and focus on repairing your relationship


Men’s Group: Mondays from 5PM-6PM

Online via Zoom

Women’s Group: Saturdays from 9AM-10AM

Online via Zoom