We offer several groups to help you meet your goals.

Corona Virus Support Groups

Business Owner COVID-19 Support Group

Looking for support to keep your business afloat, pay your employees, and provide for your family? Our C.V. Business Owners group can help!

Get support, new perspectives, socialization, and ideas from other business owners to help you move forward!

When? Mondays from 11am-12pm
Cost: $40 / month (or $10/week)
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Auto-immune and Heart Condition COVID-19 Support Group

Are you struggling with an autoimmune or heart condition and are concerned about the COVID-19 virus? We have a group specifically for you!

Get support, ideas, and socialization from other people with similar medical concerns and fears.

When? Thursdays from 11am-12pm
Cost: $40 / month (or $10/week)
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General COVID-19 Support Group

Are you struggling with the impact of COVID-19, or the stay in place restrictions?

We are offering weekly online support groups to help you navigate these difficult times. Learn how to manage stress, change, and the personal impact of COVID-19.

When? Mondays from 9:45 AM to 11:15 AM
Cost: $40 / month (or $10/week)
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Men’s COVID-19 Mastermind Group

This 1-hour weekly online mastermind group helps you to work through challenges like finances, employment, family stress, etc. and find actionable steps to move forward.
Format includes a brief checking, 2-3 challenges will be discussed, and a wrap up.
When? Tuesdays from 11am-12pm
Cost: $40 / month or $10 per week
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Other Groups

Anger Management