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Me, Myself, and I

Have you ever thought, “I wish my head and heart
would agree”?  

Do you ever think, “Part of me wants to go and
part of me wants to stay”?  

Do you ever wonder why you plan to do one thing 
and end up doing something else?  

Do you ever feel like you want contradictory things
depending on the time of day, day of the week, 
who you’re talking to, or what you’re reading?  

Do you wish you could reconcile the internal 
contradictions in order to move forward with 
more self-compassion, understanding, and 

Well you’re not alone. 

In this group we’ll use SoulCollage®, body awareness, and group discussion. We’ll learn how our
contradictory thoughts and feelings are trying to help us, not harm us AND how we can get them
all on the same team.

This group is for you if any of the above statements resonate with you:
~your inner critic is overly active 
~you have trouble accepting your own ideas/feelings/actions  
~you often feel stuck or internally torn when making decisions 
~you often feel like (or people have told you) your emotions are too big or you’re too much.

What is SoulCollage®?  SoulCollage® was created by Seena Frost and is detailed in her book SoulCollage® Evolving. SoulCollage® is an expressive art technique that helps us tap into our internal wisdom by connecting us with the power and layered meaning of images. It helps us integrate both hemispheres of our brain and brings together body, mind, and spirit. It gives space to hear from every part of the self, from the bold to the hidden. We have the opportunity to love ourselves into wholeness and live our lives responding with compassion to the needs of our entire being.  The best parts are no art experience is necessary and this art is not about being pretty or looking good. Find out more:

Six sessions: 

  • Session one: Intro to SoulCollage®
  • Session two: Using SoulCollage® to get to know me, myself, and I
  • Session three: Understanding how a thought/feeling/ or part is trying to help
  • Session four: What can I do when my insides are fighting?
  • Session five: How do I help my thoughts/feelings/parts get along better?
  • Session six: How do I keep growing in self-understanding and acceptance?

Tuesday nights 6:30-8:30 pm on Zoom, starting October 13, 2020
Cost: $70 / week, $375 if paid in advance.*
Registration deadline: October 6, 2020
Click here to register

*Financial assistance is available if needed

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