Jack loves stuff. Nice, expensive stuff. And everything is great! His RV is beside his house. His boat is on a trailer attached to his truck. He is ready to go fishing! He is enjoying life! Everything is great! Or so he thinks.
Ok, so maybe not perfect, but pretty good. Jack does have some debt from these purchases. No big deal – only credit card debt and he is making the minimum payments. Well, 7 of 8 credit cards are maxed out, but all of the bills are paid! That is, until the kayak show is in town. You see, now Jack doesn’t have the credit to get the kayak he has been eyeing. Maybe he can go to the casino and win enough to buy the kayak with cash… Or maybe Jack needs to check his impulsivity.

What is Impulsivity?

An impulsive is a person is someone who is: actuated or swayed by emotional or involuntary impulses

In English, when someone is impulsive they make decisions without really wanting to. They might make decisions based on their immediate emotions, completely ignoring any consequences. Impulsivity can take many forms:

  • Too much time on social media
  • Spending too much money
  • Drinking or eating too much
  • Serial short-term relationships
  • Making decisions without thinking about consequences
  • Gambling beyond what can be afforded
  • And more!

External Factors

  • Not enough money (when everything is unaffordable, it doesn’t matter what money is spent on, right?)
  • Too much money
  • Not enough time
  • Too much time
  • No apparent consequences
  • And more!

Internal Factors

  • Wanting to escape stress, work, etc.
  • Fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • Not wanting to go without
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling driven (I just gotta!)
  • Not sure what else to do
  • And more!

What can Help Impulsivity?

  • External controls (leave credit card at home, etc)
  • Slowing down decision making
  • Have support
  • Use accountability resources
  • Developing a plan before being in a situation
  • Individual, couples, family, or group counseling

How can Counseling Help?

  • Work together to develop practical, realistic, and workable plans
  • Safe space to talk about what is driving the impulsive actions
  • A professional who can refer to additional resources if needed
  • Accountability
  • And more!

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