Mental Health Counseling

Good mental health and a dog.

Jack was having a bad day. Well, week. Ok, fine. The whole year was horrible. He started off stressed, then anxious, and now he felt down. Then, he had no energy, didn’t want to do anything. Not even hobbies he used to love. Now, his health wasn’t that good either. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his relationship was suffering, too. He felt stuck. He needed help, but he already knew what to do. His roadblocks were deeper than a simple plan. He needed complete help from a professional. He needed mental health counseling.

What is Mental Health Counseling?

  • A type of Individual Counseling that focuses on restoring a person to health by addressing the underlying reasons for our roadblocks
  • Usually focuses on a comprehensive view of the person, and includes:
    • Family history
    • Medical history
    • Current stresses
    • Coping skills and supports
    • Looking at patterns of behaviors
    • Often looks at value systems, etc.
  • Can be useful for anxiety, depression, impulsivity, or even relationship difficulties
  • Uses approaches that are tailored to each person
Mental health counseling helps minorities

What is Mental Health Counseling Like?

This very much depends on the person seeking help, and the background and experience of the counselor. Someone in mental health counseling typically:

  • Looks at coping skills, supports, and other needed resources
  • Talks about day to day life to identify patterns that can be changed
  • Gains understanding about the why behind what they do
  • Learns new patterns of thinking and behaving
  • Gains new perspective
  • Applies what they learn week to week
  • Often, big changes happen in small, almost unnoticeable steps with a few “ah-ha” moments

Is this a good fit for me?

Probably. Mental health counseling works best with people who are motivated to find a better life, are struggling with what feels like massive roadblocks, and who are willing to work with their counselor to find effective ways forward. The results can be wonderful!

Back to Jack

Jack saw a mental health counselor. He learned a lot about stress, anxiety, and depression, how he was responding to these things ineffectively. Jack learned how he can have more control over his life, and how he can live a healthy lifestyle. He didn’t have to worry if he was stressed, anxious, or depressed! Jack knew why he felt that way and what he could do about it! He was free to live his life without fear!

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