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What is online counseling (also called telehealth)?
Online counseling is a counseling appointment where the counselor and client meet through the internet and they can both see and hear each other.

What are some advantages of online counseling?
Because the counseling appointment does not need a set location, there are many benefits, including: increased anonymity, flexibility in scheduling (can be scheduled during a break at work, between classes, etc.), you can be in a comfortable and confidential setting (at home, at your backyard campfire, in a quiet corner at work, etc.), just to name a few.

Online counseling sounds like it might be for me, but does it work?
Yes!  There is a growing amount of research showing that online counseling is at least as effective as in-person counseling.  In fast, some recent studies are showing that online counseling may be more effective at reducing the number of inpatient stays for some people than in-person counseling alone.

Can I meet with a counselor both online and in person?
Absolutely!  Online counseling can be a great way to meet with a counselor between appointments if the need arises.  Online counseling can also be fantastic for those last-minute complications like work running late, too much traffic on the way home, etc.  Instead of late cancelling an appointment, an online appointment can be a great option!

I am nervous about security and confidentiality meeting online.  Is it secure?
Absolutely!  I use doxy.me as my meeting platform.  They use bank-level security and do not record the names of any client.  In fact,  you do not need to create a login (for confidentiality and security, counselors have their own logins but clients do not). This means that no one can access your online appointment history, and you don’t have another user name or password that might be forgotten.

Is anything recorded when I meet online?
The appointments are not recorded.

In technical terms: the only things that are recorded are IP addresses, and dates and times of appointments (stored on secure, HIPAA compliant hardware).  At no time is a person’s name connected with any of this information.

In English: Session start and end times, and some technical information is kept securely.  However, nothing is recorded that says that you personally met with a counselor.

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