Recommended Books

These books are recommended reading for a variety of topics.

Wild at Heart looks at the emotional wounds boys receive, how they significantly impact him, and ways he can be free to be the man he was intended to be.

Extreme Ownership looks at several principles to life that allow people to take control and ownership of their situations in life.
Antifragile examines ways our mindset can work to either keep us stuck or help us find ways forward when life gives us roadblocks.
The Time Paradox examines practical and technical views on time, how they impact our life, and ways we can use time productively.
Sovereignty looks at ways people can choose to design and live the life they want, despite the circumstances and past they find themselves in.

Dichotomy of Leadership expands on the principles of Extreme Ownership and look at ways to balance conflicting values.
Grit looks at practical ways to keep going and make steady progress, especially when life is difficult.
Eat the Frog looks at practical ways to overcome procrastination, do difficult things, and succeed at meeting goals.