We offer a variety of services, ranging from individual and couples/family to group counseling and workshops.  Each service is focused on helping you meet your goals and develop the life you want to live.   Some people will benefit more from one service instead of another.  Click on each service below to learn more about how it can help you.

Individual Counseling – Meeting One-on-One with a counselor to work through personal struggles

Couples/Family Counseling – Meeting as a couple or family with a counselor to work through difficulties in the relationship

Anger Management – Looking at the causes of anger in your life through individual and group counseling.

Men’s Relationship Support Group – This in-person and online group provides support for men facing a separation or divorce.

Workshops – Interactive presentations on various types of information.  For groups of people, businesses, classes, etc.

Assessments – This comprehensive assessment meets the requirements for court-ordered Anger Management, and Dual Diagnosis assessments as well as DOT-SAP standards. A letter will be provided within 2 weeks of the assessment indicating the results.

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