Anger Management

Anger is a powerful emotion that can drive us to make decisions we later regret.  We offer a court and employer accepted Anger Management program that provides understanding about anger, practical skills to manage anger in the moment, ways to interrupt the cycle, and support to implement new concepts and skills.


Anger Management is 8 sessions and begins with 3 individual appointments where the situation(s) leading to you seeking counseling are discussed. Education is provided about anger, triggers, and coping skills.

After the individual appointments, 5 consecutive group sessions help provide support as information and skills are implemented into your daily life.


  • Events and Cues
  • Anger Control Plans
  • The Cycle of Aggression
  • Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Anger at Work
  • Anger at Home and in Relationships


Individual Sessions: $50 each in person , $35 each online

Group Sessions: $50 Each in person, $35 each online

Total Cost (Individual plus groups for 8 weeks): $400 in person, $280 online

Return Policy

Any person completing the Anger Management program may continue to attend group sessions if agreed to by the group leader.  If a person completes and ends group attendance, they may resume attending the groups by notifying the group counselor at least 1 day in advance.