Hi.  I’m Rob.  Nice to meet you.  If it helps, think of me as your Sherpa.

When someone wants to climb a serious mountain–you know, one of the really big ones–do they just grab some granola bars and a tent and head off, hoping they’ll figure it out along the way?  No. (Well, some do. They don’t get very far.) Someone serious about making the climb will find a Sherpa–an expert who has made this journey hundreds of times. The Sherpa helps them figure out the safest route to their destination, helps them choose the best equipment for their journey, and helps them carry some of the load up the mountainside.  They aren’t DOING the work for the climber–they’re showing the climber how to do the work for themself.

I partner with each person so they can effectively meet their goals.  Like the journey up a large mountain, what works well for some won’t work at all for others.  That’s why I use different approaches with each person.  My clients often end their time with me feeling empowered, confident, and knowing themselves better than they ever thought possible.

Why am I a counselor?

I think one of the most frustrating things people face is feeling stuck or overwhelmed and not being sure how to – if you even can – move forward.   I chose to be a counselor because I am passionate about helping people learn to be free from the roadblocks keeping them back in life – preventing them from being their best and most capable selves.

Can you help me?

If you want to be free from the obstacles keeping you down, I can probably help.  I work especially well with people new to counseling, who have tried counseling before and it didn’t help, military and first responders, medical personnel, people with chronic or complicated concerns (addiction and mental health, chronic pain, etc.), and Christians.  I work with people 14 years old through adulthood.

To read about my education and achievements, please go here.

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