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Serenity Part 4

In the previous posts, we discussed the Courage to change what we can, the Serenity to accept what we can’t, and the Wisdom to know the difference.  These are often the focus of the Serenity prayer.  However, there… Read More

Stress is Good (No, Really!)

If I asked most people the last time they didn’t feel stressed, they would stare blankly at me.  Or possibly laugh.  We all know what stress is and what causes it:  we hit the snooze button and end up… Read More

How Does Counseling Help?

Many times when I meet with someone for the first time, they explain what brings them to counseling and then ask how counseling can help.  I think that is a fantastic question! If you have not done so… Read More

What is Christian Counseling?

Way back before I started graduate school to be a counselor, when I first heard the term “Christian Counseling” I immediate pictured two people sitting in a room reading a Bible and praying.  I thought that was a… Read More

Why Mountains?

I have been asked several times “Why do you have mountains on your website?  Couldn’t that look like a person’s problems are too big and unchanging – like a mountain?”.  Well, it could look like that, and I… Read More